It turns out that the child is actually Tibetan and the 11th

Publié le 28 octobre 2013

Chrollo Lucilfer is a Power Sponge his only ability is to steal the complete set of powers from another person; the victim is effectively Brought Down to Normal for the rest of his or her life (and cannot even sense other people with powers, a trait even some non supers can do in this series). Chrollo has a tougher time than most to obtain these powers, as he needs to meet the person whose powers he’s going to steal, Chrollo needs to hear the name of the power from said person and see it performed, needs to summon his book which stores the powers to hold it in, and needs to perform the above within 24 hours or that person becomes immune to his powers. In addition, he needs to hold the book out in order to use these powers. And to top it all off, the power only works for him so long as the person he stole it from is still alive, so he can’t just kill the person after stealing their power. However, since Nen can last even beyond death and it can get stronger through death, it is possible for Chrollo to keep the ability if he’s lucky enough. Chrollo is smart enough to have collected a number of powers from fighters stronger than him.

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Replica Hermes Belt Ship Tease: Ted and Peggy. It’s later implied that they talk regularly, although not necessarily that they’re dating, but they never interact on screen again for the rest of the series, before or after. Instead of going the usual main couple UST route, however, they dropped it pretty quick and gave the characters more of a friendship dynamic. Smart People Wear Glasses: Ted Kasselbaum, the resident private investigator and genius computer hacker, wears glasses with blue tinted lenses. Peggy, a paralegal with three graduate degrees, also wears glasses. Both Alex and Whit use reading glasses. Spoiler Title: In one episode, the law firm defends the parents of an adopted Chinese child when his real parents try to regain custody. It turns out that the child is actually Tibetan and the 11th incarnation of the Panchen Lama. This twist is spoiled by the episode title, « Lama Hunt. » Suspiciously Similar Song: When Patrick runs in slow motion down the street to deliver a document on time in « The Closing, » a version of the theme from Chariots of Fire plays. Title Drop: The title comes from the name of Whit’s uncle’s memoir Just Cause: My Life as a Criminal Lawyer mentioned by Alex in the pilot. At the end of the pilot Whit, in his letter to the governor, mentions Alex’s passion for a « just cause. » Title Theme Drop: As background music in the first episode Replica Hermes Belt.