If the winning hand is completed by a tile picked up from the

Publié le 27 octobre 2012

I am not a medical practitioner and https://www.replicapursevalley.com most of the above gained from research undertaken by me due to a family member in law suffering the disease. It is easy to understand, if in my boots, with a family member suffering Lupus and a friend having had CFS, why I would research both of these ailments. When talking with both, the similarities of the symptoms had me, an unskilled layman, confused at the diagnoses, in fact I found it difficult to understand how a medical practitioner could tell, the symptoms report by both, exactly the same. The problem with Lupus is it can also come and go, and manifests itself more in times of stress, the very thing that most CFS sufferers feel. CFS is just as difficult to diagnose as there are so many other factors of diagnoses through which one must go to cross things off the list so to speak. There are specialists that write on the internet of differing ways of telling the two apart, but as I am not of the expertise I have not tried to cover what I have read and researched. These three articles I wrote where done to try and make more people aware of the suffering that all three give and certainly not as a diagnostic article. Doctors have trouble but hell if one told they suffer from CFS and there are other feelings or complications the earlier you see a doctor the better. Then my articles may just have worked.

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wholesale replica designer handbags The following bonuses are correct in the Hong Kong variant; other variants may have some differences, but scoring is generally pretty similar. Scores are cumulative, so you get points for each condition satisfied. If the winning hand is completed by a tile picked up from the wall: 1 point If that tile was picked up as a result of declaring a kong: 1 extra point If the winning hand is all sheung plus a pair: purse valley website 1 point If the winning hand is all pong or kong plus a pair: 3 points A hand containing only one of the regular suits plus winds and dragons is known as semi pure, and is worth 3 points A hand containing exclusively one of the regular suits is known as pure, and is worth 6 points A hand consisting entirely of winds and dragons is worth 7 extra points A pong or kong of the wind that matches your seat or the current round is worth 1 point. 1 2 dragon pongs: 1 point each Two dragon pongs and a pair of the third dragon: 4 points Three dragon pongs: 6 points No flowers: 1 point Flower that matches your seat or the current round: 1 point each All flowers of a colour: 1 extra point each wholesale replica designer handbags

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