« It’s important that students have established that

Publié le 7 octobre 2013

Core members Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, and Ryuichi Sakamoto had worked together off and on throughout the 1970s, and each had worked with early electronic instruments. However, it was Sakamoto’s introduction to Kraftwerk, as well as a desire to make music that didn’t ape Western musicians, that pushed them to create their own band. Shortly after Hosono’s 1978 exotica tinged album Paraiso (credited to Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band, which featured Sakamoto and Takahashi contributing,) they decided to use the name Yellow Magic Orchestra, parodying a fascination with the black magic fad in Japan at the time.

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Replica Handbags « Until recently there was at times an astonishing the lack of connectivity between what was going on in the academic side of things and what was actually happening in the industry, » he says. « It’s important that students have established that relationship, regardless of where they end up. So many of them go to London, Milan, Paris, New York, the Far East, and it’s important that they take with them an understanding of Scottish industry. Replica Handbags

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