Vegetarian Vampire: The Exorsisters, usually

Publié le 14 février 2014

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But yoga pants aren’t just a suburban trend. Athleisure is the name given to a class of street clothes that adopt the look and comfort of gym wear but are not designed for any actual sweating. It’s been a trend on the runways and in retail over the past few years, with forecasters predicting it to be one of the biggest sellers this holiday season.

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Then comes the climax, a miraculous and breathless final act that will, I assure you, get you by the throat and force down a half hour of white knuckled, dry mouthed tension. It is a nightmare, this cinematic chokehold, and perhaps Farhadi needed the film to amble aimlessly for a while so he could lull the audience into some kind of stupor before unleashing it. This phenomenal final section is suddenly reminiscent of other inward looking films about husbands gradually becoming unable to express themselves like Ruben Ostlund’s magnificent Force Majeure from a couple of years ago but doesn’t quite fit the rest of this draining, lifelike film.

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