4 billion yuan, an increase of 156 %

Publié le 16 septembre 2013

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Many industry insiders said that crude steel Nissan has been achieved so far four moving up, in line with market expectations; the latter part of the supply will continue to rise, the market is still under pressure.[Downstream demand] Since the fourth quarter, the NDRC project approval significantly speed up, and according to incomplete statistics, goyard outlet by December 24 of 2014, the cheap goyard NDRC approved Goyard Outlet a total investment of railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure investment projects reached 1.562922 trillion yuan. Meanwhile, the NDRC cheap goyard handbags website disclosure in December 25, for the support of the western development strategy, in 2014 the country’s new western development goyard bags cheap started 33 key projects, total investment of 835.3 billion yuan, compared cheap goyard sale to 2013′s 326.4 billion yuan, an increase of 156 %. NDRC approval intensive infrastructure projects will bring a large number of huge demand for goyard handbags cheap the release of the welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe market, for the domestic steel market, it is definitely a big positive way.

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