» Kelly still has her father’s iPod with some 20

Publié le 21 avril 2013

transgender teachers talk about their experiences at school

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purse replica handbags Music was a huge passion George shared with his daughter, whether it was putting his headphones on her so she could listen to a new piece called Tubular Bells or playing The Beatles’ White Album around the house. Kelly says the first song she ever learned to sing was The Beatles’ « The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill. » « There were kids in it, you know, ‘All the children sing.’ You know, I remember skipping around the house, singing the words at the top of my lungs ‘Hey, Bungalow Bill, who did you kill?’ [having] no idea what that was about. » Kelly still has her father’s iPod with some 20,000 songs on it blues, folk, jazz and rock. « He was always discovering new music. ». purse replica handbags

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