Already planning a wedding to his childhood sweetheart Ruth

Publié le 14 mai 2013

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Replica Bags Scotland NowMeet the man who starts every day with a pint and gets paid for itTennent’s master brewer doesn’t pop the kettle on in the morning, he sits down for a beer.06:00, 10 Designer Replica Handbags SEP 2017Scotland NowGet Scotland Now weekly updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailWhen Keith Lugton arrives at work every morning, he doesn’t pop on the kettle he sits down for a beer.Keith, 58, is one of just a handful of master brewers in the country.For the last four decades, he has worked for Tennent Caledonian Breweries mastering what he says is both the science and art behind making the perfect pint.And the only way he knows if he has succeeded in his goal is by tasting the product at the start of every working day.Keith, of Cumbernauld, said: « When I tell people what I do, the reaction is always the same. First, they always tell me how lucky I am.Tennent’s Lager will let you swap can of Carling for can of T in ‘amnesty’ bars across Scotland »Then they ask when I’m retiring so they can apply for my job. »But tasting beer is not like tasting wine, where you swirl it around your mouth then spit it out. »With beer, you need to properly drink it, to get the after taste and appreciate the fusion between the aroma and liquid on the palate. »The beer that leaves our brewery has to be equally consistent every time so I need to taste it every day. »Each morning I taste a maximum of 10 samples drinking a mouthful of each checking its flavour profile and making sure it has all the attributes it is supposed to have. »All in all, I’m tasting probably less than half a pint. »But, with a smile, he adds: « It’s certainly not a hardship or chore. »(Image: Daily Record)Keith was just 19 and planning to head to university to study chemical engineering when he heard about an opening as a lab assistant at Tennent’s Heriot brewery in Roseburn, Edinburgh.Already planning a wedding to his childhood sweetheart Ruth, he jumped at the chance of taking a job where he could earn as he learned with the company paying to send him to college one day a week to study microbiology.After eight years in the post, Keith moved to their famous Wellpark brewery in the east end of Glasgow. He went on to hold senior jobs with the firm, from brewing manager to maltings manager.In 1989, he became a master brewer after completing four years at university. Replica Bags

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